Dallas 18 Wheeler Accidents Deadly

Juan Garza, 54, somehow crashed his tractor-trailer into a bridge pillar at I-30 and Dolphin Road in Dallas Sunday afternoon.

And the day before an 18 wheeler crashed into the new Margaret Hunt bridge in downtown Dallas, also killing its driver.

What’s going on out there?

What caused two professional drivers to crash their 18 wheelers any way? If they were

operating correctly (and the drivers were required to perform inspections before they began driving) and no other drivers forced them off the roads, how can they have just driven their big rigs into bridges?

At least the Lord was watching over other motorists, as noone else was injured.

I am about to sign up a new client who was just rear ended in a small car by an 18 wheeler on Loop 820.

If you have been hurt in a collision with an 18 wheeler, please contact me and I will help you quickly resolve all of the many issues involved with your case.

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