Dallas Motorcycle Crash Pays Off For Client

I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful client to hand him a settlement check. And I’m still fighting to reduce his hospital bill and a doctor’s charges even more than I already have to give H____ even more money.

H_____ was at a complete stop on his brand new Harley Davidson on Beltline Road in Carrolton in April when a truck hit him from the rear.

Unfortunately the at-fault driver was uninsured and judgment proof. And H____ had not yet purchased any coverage on his motorcycle, including uninsured insurance, so there was no way to get H_____ any money from a nonexistent policy.

However I was able to force his insurance company to pay H____ under the unpaid uninsured policy and under Personal Injury Protection benefits as well. Then I hammered his medical insurance company and doctors to reduce their bills. I’m proud to say that H___ received a very favorable settlement.

H_____ said that the results were “great,” my office had been “awesome,” and that “this whole process has been a pleasure,” among other kind words. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to go through this and appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

I have the greatest clients  and love what I do: getting them the money they deserve.

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