How To Avoid Being In An Accident In Bad Weather

You Can’t Control the Weather, But You Can Control How You Drive

Dallas-Fort Worth drivers had to negotiate a blanket of fog yesterday morning. Traffic moved slowly and there were many accidents. No wonder given the conditions as reflected in this photo published in the Dallas Morning News Daily Scoop. My law firm has received several calls from people who were unfortunately involved in collisions.

But thankfully the fog didn’t lead to a catastrophic crash like the one two years ago when heavy Texas fog contributed to a 140-auto pileup that resulted in two deaths and 80 injuries in Beaumont. On Thanksgiving Day morning, a chain reaction of crashes occurred one after another on Interstate 10. A couple lost their lives when a tractor-trailer drove over their SUV.

Maybe drivers yesterday realized that their lives are more important than reaching their destination on time. It’s that time of the year when ice, poor visibility, and rain can create treacherous driving conditions.

Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

Most of North Texas was under a Dense Fog Advisory yesterday morning. Avoid driving when the area is under a Dense Fog Advisory. If you must drive:

  • Slow down
  • Remain calm and patient
  • Increase distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you
  • Turn on your low beam headlights, fog lights and hazard lights
  • Do not use high beams while driving through fog
  • Watch out for stopped or slow-moving automobiles and be prepared to stop suddenly
  • Tap your brakes to alert the driver behind you of your intention to stop
  • Turn off cruise control
  • Remain in one lane without passing vehicles unless necessary
  • Signal your intention to turn or switch lanes early
  • Pull off the road if you are unable to see, ideally at a rest area, parking lot or elsewhere that is completely out of traffic
  • Although you should never text or talk on the phone while driving, this is especially important in foggy conditions

Recover for your injuries if you were in an accident during inclement weather 


No matter how carefully you drive, your chances of being in an
accident increase during inclement weather. You could lose control of
your vehicle or be hit by another careless driver. Berenson Injury Law can help you recover for damages you sustained in a Dallas-Fort Worth
automobile accident. I am a Texas Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney
with more than three decades of experience in auto accident recovery.
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