Dallas Roads Deadly

The Dallas Morning News reported the following stories about how many people are being killed in auto and truck wrecks — just in the last 24 hours — that make you cringe:

1. Tim Parks was found guilty of intoxication manslaughter yesterday for running over Roy Salinas, 35, on his motor scooter last June. Roy worked in finance and marketing, was an avid motor scooter enthusiast, cyclist, and runner, and a nice man.

Parks, a wine taster, waiter and manager at several top restaurants, admitted to jurors that he has a drinking problem. Really? His blood alcohol content was a staggering .22, with the

legal limit being .08, this was his third DWI, and his license had been revoked in 1995. After he mowed Roy down, he asked his passenger to say that he had been driving.

2. A driver was killed when he drifted over into oncoming traffic, critically injuring the other motorist, in a head-on collision near Princeton in Collin County at 7:50 a.m. today.

3. Two men were arrested and charged with manslaughter for causing a fiery chain last month that killed two unidentified women sitting in a stalled car. Kory Crayton and Frederick Sibley, both 39, were racing on I-35E when Sibley’s Mustang struck a Cadillac that had broken down near Illinois Avenue.

4. Timothy Niewolak, a 52 year old resident of Irving, was killed Sunday morning when he was walking on Valley View Lane. He was struck after midnight by a pickup that fled the scene.

5. A Dallas woman, Maggie Wilson, age 22, was tragically killed and her best friend, Candice Anderson was critically injured as they filled up their gas tank on the shoulder of North Central Expressway near Knox-Henderson. A car swerved to avoid the two women and the car behind it didn’t have enough time to react before striking them.

5. A motorcyclist from The Colony, Stephen Herring, 22, was killed early this morning when he crashed on the Sam Rayburn Tollway. He was speeding on the tollway’s service road shortly before 1:45 a.m. when he rear-ended a car and lost control.

Wow, what’s going on out there? Do our Dallas/Fort Worth roads have to be so deadly?

I hate lousy drivers. I really hate drunk/stoned drivers. Please contact me if you have unfortunately been involved in a automobile or truck collision in our area and need help with your case. I’ll fight to get you the money you deserve.

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