Good Settlement Announced

Berenson Injury Law has successfully recovered $385,00.00 on behalf of two clients in a commercial vehicle collision. One man received $139,105.00 and the other received $95,504.00 after deducting medical bills (that I reduced substantially), fees, and expenses. The damage to their vehicle from the tractor trailer was relatively minor, they experienced neck, shoulder, and back injuries, and no surgeries were performed, making settlement negotiations harder.

My clients were extremely happy with their recoveries.  One kindly wrote this review on Google:


★  Top notch legal representation!!!
About a year ago, a relative and myself were struck from behind by an 18-wheeler on the freeway. Our truck was totaled, we sustained multiple injuries and hesitated to seek medical help in fear of racking up a ridiculous medical bill that we obviously couldn’t afford. After doing some research I found Mr. Berenson’s firm and decided to give them a call.
Best. Decision. Ever.
Mr. Berenson and his team helped us get the medical treatment we needed, they were attentive and understanding. He fought for our best interests and even lent us a hand when our financial situations became tough due to the accident.
I would 100% recommend his services to anyone. Thank you again Mr. Berenson.

Thank you C_____!  I’m blessed to have such wonderful clients like you and A_____!

If you’re looking around the internet to hire a personal injury lawyer in North Texas, here are other reviews I’m delighted to have received over the past few years.

My law  firm only handles motor vehicle collisions. We focus on those caused by negligent 18-wheeler drivers and intoxicated drivers.

Please contact my office if you need assistance with a collision you’ve been involved in. We’ll fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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