Deadly Collisions Kick Off Holiday Season

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Saturday was another disastrous day on our area roads. Five people died and many others were injured in five deadly collisions.

  • North Fort Worth: an off-duty police officer was tragically killed when a man ran a red light on Boat Club Road and crashed into Euless Police Department Detective Alejandro Cervantes’s car. The extremely intoxicated man also seriously injured the officer’s wife and two sons, to make this story even more heart-breaking. The drunk driver had already crashed into another vehicle and was fleeing from that collision. He again tried to hit-and-run but was chased down by witnesses. His blood alcohol content was .144%, which is almost two times the legal limit. The bar that sold him the alcohol, Fuzzy’s Tacos, is being investigated by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for violating the Dramshop Act that forbids overserving customers. The drunk remains in jail with a $300,000 bond and has been charged with five counts including intoxication manslaughter. It is hard to believe that it was only 1:30 in the afternoon when this exemplary police officer lost his life at the hands of a criminal he would normally have been putting behind bars. Berenson Injury Law made a donation to the family’s expenses fund.
  • North Dallas: two deadly collisions took the lives of two people on Interstate 35 on Saturday night. In the first, a car struck a police officer’s squad car as it blocked traffic so another officer could push a stalled vehicle off the highway. The at-fault 17-year-old driver lost his life and his two friends were ejected and are in ICUs with life-threatening injuries. The officer was rushed to the hospital with neck and leg injuries.
  • North Dallas: In the second, a car broke down nearby on I-35 and another car stopped to help. However a speeding sports car driven by a minor veered on to the shoulder and rear-ended the Good Samaritan’s car. This took the life of the driver of the disabled vehicle and seriously injured several others.
  • North of Tulsa: a drunk man who had been thrown out of a party rammed his truck into a crowd. That man (whom you can assume was intoxicated) crushed his oversized Ford 250 into a man. Then it went airborne and landed on a woman, killing her. The crowd of people were outside celebrating Oklahoma State’s “Bedlam Game” victory over the University of Oklahoma’s team.
  • East Dallas: a woman walking her dog was struck and killed by cars which were street racing as she crossed the street.

These deadly collisions never should have happened.

You know (or can bet) that alcohol and/or drugs were involved in all of them. We must do more to prevent them from occurring in the future. That is why Mr. Berenson pursues these reckless drivers and has supported Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other groups trying to make our roads safer.

We extend our sincere condolences to the families of the victims and pray for the passengers’ speedy recoveries.

What a horrible way to begin the joyous holiday season which began on Thursday.

Deadly collisions must be vigorously pursued

Stories like these are sadly commonplace. Texas loses almost 4,000 people in vehicle crashes each year, many of them here in North Texas.  Our state has lost at least one person every day on our roads for almost 20 years. That’s ridiculous.

We certainly hope this has not happened to your family or someone you know, but here is information that may help.

What is meant by the term “wrongful death?” It is one that was caused by the wrongful act or carelessness of another person or company. This definition rules out an intentional act. The line, as with the Oklahoma bedlam, can be blurry.

Civil law claims and lawsuits are completely different from criminal law violations that result in jail sentences. A DWI case can involve both of them.

We practice in the area of civil law and only represent those people and their families who have been injured in wrongful death and injury claims.

Available damages after deadly collisions

Texas civil law can provide a way for a spouse and family to be compensated for their damages and achieve some measure of justice.

They can force the at-fault person’s insurance company to pay money for various expenses including the following:

  • Funeral costs
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Lost inheritance
  • Lost support, love, and maintenance

How much money can be paid?

That depends on a number of factors. The subject of wrongful death damages can be complicated.

Due to our unusually generous law that allows most people to keep their assets protected from creditors, you must often look to their insurance policies for compensation. Many people purchase the required amount of $30,ooo per one person who dies or is injured and $60,000 for all people they harm, plus $25,000 for vehicle damage. This is an inadequate amount, especially when multiple people are involved.

In a wrongful death case, this amount will be usually paid out and an injury lawyer is not needed. However, there are many complicated factors including liability, beneficiaries, probate, medical bills and liens. We have analyzed claims and provided services at no charge to family members in these circumstances.

If the driver was in a company vehicle or a business is responsible, the amount of insurance or available assets will substantially increase into the millions of dollars.

Mr. Berenson has handled many deadly collisions over the past 41 years.

A good personal injury lawyer can help you

There are many services that a car accident lawyer will provide that can impact the value of your wrongful death case.

A thorough professional investigation of liability is required especially with deadly collisions involving commercial vehicles. A lawsuit will be necessary.

The first consultation with a personal injury attorney is free. There is no payment unless and until you receive compensation. We are happy to discuss the details and tell you whether you even need a lawyer.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a car, truck, tractor-trailer, or other vehicle collision, please contact us by calling 888-801-8585 or by chatting here.

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