DFW Drivers Lose 2 Days a Year Stuck in Traffic

North Texas motorists waste 48 hours a year stuck in traffic! Although congestion has declined since 2006, freeways and city streets will become choked again once the economy improves, causing numerous delays and more unfortunate collisions.

Also with gas prices increasing, you may be startled to find out that Metroplex motorists burned an average of 38 gallons of fuel while stuck in traffic, either while idling or engaging in stop-and-go maneuvers. That was the seventh-worst amount nationally.

Traffic is one of the leading causes of severe accidents, especially when a negligent motorist is not paying attention and barrels through drivers who have stopped or slowed stopped as a result of the slowing traffic.

I have represented countless clients who were seriously injured as a result of being rammed into while slowing for traffic. For example, I currently represent a woman who was crashed into into by an 18-wheeler while she was stopped for traffic and the 18-wheeler was still going between 50-70 miles per hour obviously, not realizing that traffic had slowed in front of him.

If you have been hurt by a negligent driver, please call me. I will fight hard to recover your damages and punish the offending driver.

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