Difficult Uninsured Motorist Case Settled For $100,000

Berenson Injury Law has resolved a case involving a man who tragically died nine days after a car accident for the total available amount of $100,000.

This was a challenging case.

  • The man was in this extremely minor impact wreck;
  • It happened several years ago in Arlington;
  • The at-fault driver hit-and-ran;
  • There were no eyewitnesses;
  • The police were not called to the scene;
  • The man did not get any medical treatment in Texas; and
  • He returned home to California without complaining of any pain.

However five days later, the man began experiencing stomach pain and saw his doctor. Sadly, he died four days after that.

His uninsured motorists insurance company denied payment to his estate, claiming he had prior medical problems that caused his death and that this bump could not have possibly caused him to die.

We were not asked to represent the estate until one year after his death. Other law firms had turned down the case. However we have handled many wrongful death cases over the past 37 years and immediately got to work.

Our firm worked with the decedent’s doctor and secured the necessary evidence that the auto accident had torn the man’s aorta. This was critical since the autopsy did not mention the aorta and even listed the wrong man’s name.

We were able to convince the uninsured motorist carrier to pay the full insurance benefits prior to trial.

We also made Medicare release its lien for medical payments it had made for treatment and testing.

His wife was very pleased with the results and graciously wrote this review on Google:

Berenson Injury Law fights to get its clients the compensation they deserve. Please contact us if you have been injured in a car or truck accident.

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