Drunk driver who caused death was 2X speed limit

New reports released today by the Fort Worth Police Department reveal that Jesus Cisneros, the FWPD officer accused of killing a mother of two in a car crash while he was drunk, was speeding at over twice the posted 35mph speed limit before the crash.

Originally, there was talk that the accident may have possibly been Sonia Baker’s fault for failing to yield the right of way while turning, but a preliminary investigation has found no evidence to suggest that Baker ran a stop sign or had any fault in the collision.

Officer Cisneros is rightfully being charged with homicide in Baker’s death. He was released on $25,000.00 bond.”Right now the preliminary reports are showing that because he was driving twice the speed limit, she did not have a chance to see him,” Lt. Paul Henderson said.

The report goes on to say that Cisneros was at a party at The Pour House on West Seventh Street before the crash. Investigators are looking into reports that up to 20 other officers were also at the party. The investigation also involves three off-duty officers, including two sergeants, who were working security at the bar that night. Internal investigators are looking into whether the officers knowingly let Cisneros leave the bar intoxicated.

And on top of the speeding and drunk driving, Officer Cisneros was not authorized to be driving the city-owned vehicle while off-duty. “Preliminary information indicates Cisneros was not authorized to use this vehicle after hours and does not have take-home privileges,” Police Chief Jeff Halstead said.

Obviously this terrible tragedy could and should have been avoided. There is no reason anyone, specifically a police officer, should be driving drunk on our city’s roads. We eagerly await the court’s ruling and punishment for this horrible crime.

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