Fort Worth DWI Collision Results in $225,000 Recovery

Happy ending for potentially deadly crash

Berenson Injury Law has successfully resolved a case against the drunk driver and the bar that might have over-served him after a Fort Worth DWI collision in April.

A young woman was driving her car on a Fort Worth interstate late one night. Her boyfriend was a passenger. Suddenly a driver’s worst nightmare happened: a car driving the wrong way crashed into them. And guess what, the young male driver was driving while intoxicated. Without any headlights on.

Our clients suffered cuts and bruises and they were rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, all tests were normal and they never had any follow-up medical care.

Our firm investigated the crash, obtained the police, toxicology, and criminal files, and researched the defendant driver. We made his substandard (i.e. underfunded and difficult to work with) insurance company pay all available insurance policy proceeds to our two clients.

Dram shop law in Texas

To increase our clients’ financial recovery, we went after the bar and alleged that it had violated the Texas Dram Shop Act. This is always an uphill battle. Under the Texas Alcohol Beverage Code, the burden of proof for someone injured by a drunk driver and claiming that the retail establishment who over-served them is high. It must be apparent to the licensed alcohol provider that the customer was obviously intoxicated to the extent he presented a clear danger to himself and others.

But the bar’s employees almost always testify in court that they did not think that the customer was obviously intoxicated or they would have stopped serving him or her more alcohol. In addition, the jury often blames the drunk driver, not the bar. And sometimes the plaintiff had also been drinking. Or the intoxicated driver might have later gone to another bar or drunk out of a bottle in their car. There are other road blocks and evidence problems that the law erects.

We located a video of the other driver drinking in a local bar on social media. However he and his friends did not appear to be intoxicated so the evidence of over-serving was circumstantial. We researched the history of the bar and its owners and found other accusations they had over-served other customers at other locations. We succeeded in making the bar pay a confidential sum of money to the couple.

Our clients were thrilled

Our clients netted $130,000.00 after payment of medical bills – which we obtained huge discounts on – and legal fees and expenses, which we also reduced. They were very happy and graciously wrote this review online:

Bill and his team went above and beyond, When others said they couldn’t take on our case because they were afraid of no outcome they dove right in and gave us the best outcome possible! Wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

If you have been injured in a car accident in North Texas and like to read reviews before you decide which personal injury lawyer to hire, there are hundreds of other five star reviews of Berenson Injury Law here.

There is a deluge of DWI crashes in the DFW area

Last year, the four counties in the Metroplex suffered through 5,000 crashes caused by people who were driving while intoxicated. A shocking 90 people in in Dallas and Tarrant Counties and 618 Texans died last year in a DWI wreck.

That’s ridiculous. We have to stop these easily preventable car accidents crashes from occurring night after night. They should not be inevitable. Driving at night should not be a death wish.

This is why Bill Berenson proudly supports the work of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). He goes after people who drink and drive with a passion. He prosecutes lawsuits for people who have been hurt in drunk driving collisions and advocates for stronger laws to make us all safer.

We have handled a lot of Fort Worth DWI collision cases over the last almost 40 years and know how to win a driving while intoxicated case.

And in case you don’t think this affects you, these drunken wrong-way crashes occur in North Texas all the time. It happened again early this morning in Dallas County, tragically killing the driver of the wrong-way Honda and the driver of the Tahoe he rammed into on 635.

We can help you

Berenson Injury Law has helped thousands of injured people and specializes in from car, truck, and 18-wheeler collisions. From the first phone call to us, you will see that we genuinely care about our clients. We are laser-focused on getting them their claims investigated, their bodies healed, and their cases resolved for as much money possible.

We know just how devastating a Fort Worth DWI collision or any crash in Texas can be.

Please contact us by clicking here or by calling us at 1-888-801-8585 if you have any questions about a car or truck wreck that you have unfortunately been in.

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