Twenty-Car Accident Caused by Toppled Tractor Trailer on Snowy Road

Earlier this week during a particularly bad storm in Maryland, a tractor trailer tipped over causing an accident that involved about twenty cars. According to a report by the local ABC affiliate, a tractor trailer swerved onto the median to avoid colliding with cars that had spun out on the highway. While the tractor trailer was on the median, another tractor trailer could not stop in time and the two collided. As other semi-trucks and tractor trailers tried to avoid the accident, they too spun out and ended on the side of the highway.

The accident, which occurred on Interstate 81 near Route 58, delayed snow-removal efforts for over three hours while the accident scene was cleared. Many of the cars were able to drive away from the accident, with a few needing to be towed away. There were no serious injuries caused by the accident.

Slippery Roads and Semi-Trucks Do Not Mix

As the weather gets colder, the chance for snow-covered or iced over roads increases, even in Texas. Due to their size and weight, semi trucks have a difficult time driving–and especially stopping–when roads are slippery.

In some extreme cases involving frozen rain and snow, semi-truck drivers should actually pull over and wait out the storm because continuing to operate the truck in such conditions poses a great danger to other drivers. However, semi-truck drivers are under strong pressure from the trucking companies to get to their destination on time. Stopping and waiting for a storm to pass will only delay their ultimate arrival, so they are generally loathe to do so.

When a semi-truck driver decides to drive when the conditions are such that it is only posing a danger to others, the potential for an accident skyrockets. This is only more true when the truck is fully loaded with cargo, making it much heavier.

These accidents are usually the fault of the semi-truck because, even though the accident is due in part to weather conditions, the truck driver should have known better than to try and drive, given the conditions.

Negligent Driving Causes Accidents

When a truck driver causes an accident due to the driver’s negligence, any victim of that accident is entitled to recover for their medical bills as well as pain and suffering. That is the law’s way of protecting the innocent victim who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Have You Been Involved in a Semi-Truck Accident?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a semi-truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and pain and suffering. To find out what you may be entitled to, or to see if there are any applicable deadlines that you need to be concerned with, speak to an experienced Fort Worth personal injury attorney today.

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