Driver Survives Fall from Overpass

Fox 4 DFW reports:

A truck plummeted from an overpass onto Interstate 35W Monday afternoon. Miraculously the driver survived.

According to police, the truck’s driver may have been going too fast on the access road. He missed a turn onto Berry Street, crashed through a guard rail and landed top down on the freeway below.

The crash stopped traffic on the southbound lanes of the freeway between Berry and Ripy streets and from Interstate 30. The Texas Department of Transportation even turned off its cameras fearing a graphic scene.

But police said the driver, who was cut from the vehicle, survived. First responders expecting to find a lifeless body in the truck’s wreckage actually found a man with only cuts and bruises.

People who witnessed the crash described the driver as “blessed.”

“That was a God thing,” said Crystal Lewis. “He got out of the car and he lived to see it. So that’s God.”

The man was taken to a local hospital with no apparent broken bones, police said.

Fort Worth police Sgt. Scott Jenkins called the accident an “absolute miracle,” especially because the truck didn’t land on another car and no other car hit the truck after it fell.

“Anyone who looks at this freeway from say 4 p.m. to 7, most of the time it’s bumper to bumper traffic moving at about 45 miles per hour. So we got lucky. A lot of people were lucky,” Jenkins said.

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