Driver wedged under 18-wheeler survives

A woman who’s car was trapped under the container of an 18-wheeler and dragged nearly a quarter mile early Thursday has survived.


Accident investigators said a truck hauling a dismantled forklift lost its load and debris scattered across the road. On car hit the debris and then slammed into a concrete wall.

Garland resident Marilix Santamaria tried to avoid the first car and the debris, but her Toyota Camry ended up wedged sideways under the container of another 18-wheeler.

Santamaria was taken to Parkland hospital and treated for a gash on her forehead and a few broken bones, but otherwise was not seriously hurt.

She said she doesn’t know how she survived the crash or why it didn’t take her head off. But she is thankful to be alive. God answered her prayers, she said.

Police said no one else was seriously hurt in the accident. The driver of the truck carrying the forklift was cited for failing to secure his load.

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