Driver Who Hit Arlington Pedestrian Arrested Fleeing the U.S.

The suspect in a Saturday morning hit-and-run accident was arrested late yesterday while attempting to leave the country.

Omar Mohammed, 25, was boarding a flight to Jordan when he was arrested by the Arlington Police Department at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Terry Pinkston, 73, was hit early Saturday while walking in the 2400 block of Ascension Boulevard in North Arlington.

Due to his serious injuries, Mr. Pinkston spent five days at John Peter Smith Hospital before being discharged Wednesday.

Detectives said they obtained surveillance video of Mohammed driving a blue Honda Civic that matched a witness’s description a block from where Mr. Pinkston was hit. Investigators also said the car was seen parked in Mohammed’s parent’s driveway with dents and a new windshield.

Mohammed is being held on $250,000 bail and has been ordered to surrender his passport. If he posts bail he must wear an ankle monitor until his trial because the Court considers him a flight risk. I applaud the fine police work that tracked down Mohammed and have brought him to justice.

Pedestrian crashes almost always involve serious injuries and/or fatalities. I have had to represent a number of people on foot, bicycles, or who were handicapped and in wheelchairs over the years.

Hitting a pedestrian and then fleeing the scene is probably the most reprehensible thing a motorist can do. Mohammed left Mr. Pinkston to die without any concern for anyone but himself. Thank God that Mr. Pinkston survived the collision.

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