Dump Truck Driver Fired For Unsafe Driving on 121

The North Texas Tollway Authority has fired the driver who caused a wreck on Sam Rayburn Tollway last month. If only this happened more often!

Abebe Sbhat was terminated after an internal review found he violated NTTA policy by engaging in an unsafe act.

The crash occurred on April 8th when an 18-wheeler collided with Sbhat’s dump truck on the Interstate 35E interchange with State Highway 121 in Lewisville. The impact sliced off the semi’s fuel tank and caused it to immediately burst into flames, which quickly spread to the dump truck and a pickup.

The truck driver jumped out of the semi before it careened into a concrete barrier and slid off the edge of a bridge.

I can’t tell you how many times the negligent truck driver’s company refuses to terminate its employee after a crash out of a concern that it will make it look bad when we file suit but instead allow the bad driver to continue driving. This is a problem that has to stop.

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