Drunk Drivers Crackdown Over Memorial Day Weekend

Texas State Troopers, Tarrant County Sheriff’s Deputies and City Police Departments Are Participating

During a traffic stop, drunk drivers who know they are above the legal limit often refuse to submit a breath sample, opting for driver license forfeiture to avoid providing evidence in a DWI prosecution. This evasive tactic won’t work this weekend.

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, Tarrant County sheriff’s deputies and all city police departments have implemented a no refusal policy for this Memorial Day weekend. From 9:30 Friday night until 5:30 Tuesday morning, Texas police officers are using search warrants to compel drivers suspected of intoxication to submit to a breath or blood test.

What No Refusal Means for Drunk Drivers

Texas law imposes penalties on any driver who refuses to submit to a Breathylizer upon request during a DWI traffic stop. But some drivers are willing to gamble when faced with a potential DWI charge. Because many drunk driving stops are made on the weekends or late at night, judges are rarely immediately available to sign a search warrant allowing a police officer to compel compliance. This weekend, judges are on call to issue expedited warrants and centralized blood-draw locations have been established to handle high numbers of samples. Police are thus able to compel a blood sample from anybody who they suspect of drunk driving who has refused to do so voluntarily.

No Refusal Keeps Dallas-Fort Worth Roads Safe

Memorial Day is a special day. We celebrate our service members who sacrificed their lives for our country. With spring in the air, many of us plan to spend extra time with our families and friends. Barbeques, picnics and family gatherings can make the day a truly inspiring celebration.

Unfortunately, some people will get behind the wheel after drinking, putting all our lives in jeopardy. Maybe knowing the chances of getting a DWI this weekend are exceptionally high will dissuade some drunk drivers. And, with police out in force, drunk drivers have a much greater chance of being arrested before they can injure others.

1,337 victims died in drunk driving accidents in Texas in 2013. Frighteningly, many drunk drivers don’t stop even after multiple arrests or wrecks.

With the historically higher rates of DWI accidents during Memorial Day weekend, we are happy to see this heightened level of enforcement. No refusal keeps Dallas-Fort Worth roads safe so we can all enjoy the holiday!

Bill Berenson Helps Victims of DWI Crashes

During the past 35 years, I have helped countless victims of DWI accidents. I am a strong advocate for the rights of victims and a supporter of MADD and applaud campaigns that get more drunk drivers off the roads.

If you were injured by a drunk driver, call my Dallas-Fort Worth law firm. I am available to help you recover damages and pursue justice in your case.

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