Watch Out for Devils — and Drunk Drivers — on Halloween

Trick-or-treating is a blast for kids. They get to dress in cool costumes, ring neighbors’ doorbells and receive a free pass to indulge in sweets for the night. Their spooky adventure creates a lifetime of fond memories. 

Sadly, a car accident or an injury can turn a fun Halloween into a nightmare. As parents, we can take important steps to keep our kids safe while trick-or-treating. As motorists, we have the duty to take special precautions Saturday night.

Scary Drunk Driving Halloween Stats

Halloween is not only popular with kids, but also with adults who may enjoy parties or events at bars and nightclubs. Alcohol is typically a big part of these Halloween celebrations. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that close to half of all auto crash deaths on Halloween night in 2012 involved a drunk driver. 

This year, Halloween falls on a Saturday, which is likely to mean even more drunk drivers on the roads than usual.

Drunk drivers pose a danger to trick-or-treaters and to motorists. 

To stay safe:

  • If possible, stay off the roads during peak drunk driving hours this Saturday. 
  • If you attend a Halloween party, line up your ride ahead of time.
  • If you throw a Halloween party, be prepared to arrange rides and taxis for your guests. 

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