Drunk Driving Victims Allowed To Be Honored in Texas

As I have written about numerous times in the past, something needs to be done to convince motorists that driving drunk is dangerous and stupid. Over 12,000 people die every year as a result of drunk driving — one-third of all traffic fatalities.

Fortunately, several states have taken a few steps to combat the problem. One adopted by
Texas and five other states allowsthe families of people killed by drunk drivers to put up signs at the spot of the crash to both honor their relatives and to remind people of the danger that drunk driving creates. Across America, makeshift memorials dot two-lane roads, highways and interstates, sad tributes to people killed in crashes. Some feature crosses, teddy bears or flowers. Others have Bibles or pictures of the victim.

In both Texas and Illinois, the signs read “Please Don’t Drink and Drive,” and list the name of the deceased with the date of the crash.

Missouri’s sign reads, “Drunk Driving Victim” and includes the victim’s initials, the month and year he or she was killed and the phrase, “Think About It.”

Relatives typically have to pay for the signs. California charges $1,000 and signs stay in place for seven years. In Texas, signs cost $300 and are given to the victim’s family after one year. Illinois signs cost $150 for the safe driving message alone or $200 to include the victim’s name and date of the crash.

Missouri charges $600 for signs that stay up for 10 years. Rehme operates a nonprofit called “Who’s Next?” that raises money to help families pay for the signs.

Other states are taking different approaches to honor crash victims, including those killed in drunken driving wrecks. Some, including Illinois, have begun tree-planting programs. Delaware has drawn praise for a memorial garden at a roadside rest area that includes bricks with the names of nearly 600 accident victims.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a drunk driver, please call my office today at 817-885-8000 to discuss your case. If a loved one has been killed in a drunk driving crash, and you hire me to represent you, I will pay the cost for putting up a memorial sign to honor their memory.

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