Drunk Driving in Dallas/Fort Worth Is Out Of Control

I hate drunk and stoned drivers and pursue them vigorously when they injure my clients. For example, I am pleased that P____ is about to receive the full policy limits from a man who crashed into her in Fort Worth after his insurance company claimed he was not at fault because he was recovering from heart surgery and was driving to a doctor’s appointment; I proved he was driving while under the influence of prescription medications. L___ is about to receive a large settlement for relatively minor injuries caused by a drunk truck driver in Arlington. T__ will soon receive a good recovery after she was hit by an intoxicated Mercedes driver in Hurst.

Impaired driving is far too commonplace. This is just in today’s paper:

1. After a two week trial, a Dallas jury returned a verdict of $10.5 million, primarily against the strip club bar that overserved a drunk man, to the family of a young woman run over in its parking lot. The driver — whose BAC was more than two times the legal limit and who was already on probation — didn’t even know he had hit the woman with this illegal “monster truck.” Under the Texas Alcohol Beverage Code, bars, restaurants, and liquor stores can be held liable if they serve alcohol to clearly intoxicated customers.

2. In Fort Worth a drunk 18 year old crashed his van through a family’s home and almost hit two small children asleep in their bedroom, then ran away.

3. In Dallas, the lawyer for former Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent, who killed his best friend, Jerry Brown, Jr., in a one car DWI in December, has asked prosecutors to recommend probation for his client. Brent was driving with a BAC of .18, at speeds of 134 mph, and serving time for a prior DWI.

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