Drunk Fort Worth Police Officer Kills Fort Worth Woman

Officer Jesus Cisneros had a blood alcohol content of more than two times the legal limit of .08% when his vehicle ran into a car driven by Sonia Baker and tragically killed her.

It is not clear how long Cisneros had been drinking, whether he had been drinking while he was on the job, why he was still driving a City vehicle, and why no one at the Police Department knew that one of its officers was intoxicated while operating a FWPD cruiser.

You would think that of all people, a police officer would know that it is against the law to drink and drive – especially in a police car.

Poor Ms. Baker was married and had two small children.

This tragic and callous disregard of human life is appalling. I demand that the FWPD appoint an independent attorney to investigate what happened on the night of December 12th, file vehicular manslaughter charges, and insure that this never happens again here in Tarrant County.

I am also appalled that more than 1,400 people die iin Texas due to DWIs and I call on our police — who are hopefully not drunk — to crack down on drunk drivers before they crash into you and me.

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