DWI deaths top 10,000 nationwide in 2012

For the first time in six years, drunk driving deaths have increased. This is an almost five percent increase over 2011.

Data just released shows that 10,322 people were killed in drunk driving crashes in 2012 – one every 51 minutes. This means that as we approach the holidays, thousands of brokenhearted families, friends and loved ones are facing empty chairs at the dinner table. We need to make sure this doesn’t happen to other families. We need to prevent this 100% preventable tragedy.

As we approach the holiday season, drivers need to plan ahead and use every other option to avoid drinking and driving. Call a cab, have a designated driver, but please do not contribute to the drunk driving fatality statistics. The cost of a taxi is very little in comparison to the cost and damage that a drunk driver can cause.

Unfortunately, holidays are often big days for drunk driving, and I often see a spike in drunk driving calls after major holidays. Please be sure you have transportation home whenever you plan to drink, and watch out for bad drivers on the way home.

Police in Dallas and Fort worth as well as other departments around the state are also getting more vigilant about arresting drunk drivers. They are stepping up efforts including additional DWI checkpoints on roads and having additional no refusal weekends.

Assistant District Attorney Richard Alpert, says that Tarrant County’s relatively new “No Refusal” campaign is incarcerating more DWI drivers, deterring others from drinking and driving, and making our roads safer. I just had the pleasure of meeting Richard on a case I’m working on and he is superlative at his job.

Driving drunk is an inexcusable offense. Many of my clients have been hurt by drunk drivers and it angers me.

If you have been hurt by a drunk driver, please call me at 817-885-8000. I will fight hard to recover your damages and punish the offending driver.

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