DWI Trial Of Ex-Cowboys Player Starts Today In Dallas

The trial of former Cowboys football player Josh Brent. Brent is accused of driving drunk and crashing his car, killing his best friend and teammate Jerry Brown Jr. in 2012.

I have followed this horrible story with great interest. As readers of this blog know, I hate drunk drivers and how prevalent they are — especially in Texas. I wrote about this crime here, here, and here.

Tests showed that Brent had a blood alcohol content of .189% — well over twice the legal limit of .08%.

The trial is expected to begin Monday if an impartial jury can be found. The court had to summon 120 potential jurors — twice the usual request — and several dozen reported that they had already formed an opinion about Brent’s guilt and were excused.

The trial could take two weeks. If convicted, Brent faces 20 years in prison.

Brent was indicted on two charges, for intoxication manslaughter and manslaughter, so that the jury can still convict him even if they should find he was not intoxicated (which seems impossible).

Brent’s elevator doesn’t go all the way up. While free on bond, he failed drug tests twice tested positive for marijuana and was locked up. But, being a former Cowboy, a judge released him.

The criminal case will not end with the verdict. Two wrongful death lawsuits have been filed. And the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission investigated the bar, Beamers’ Private Club, that served the two Cowboys (and a lot of the team) and found “sufficient evidence” that employees served alcohol to intoxicated customers and encouraged “excessive” drinking.

Here are some sobering statistics from a victims rights organizations that I support and greatly admire, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Drunk Driving:

Just in 2012 —

* There were 1,296 people killed by drunk drivers.

* One person is killed by a drunk every 51 minues.

* These deaths were 38% of all total traffic deaths.

* This was a 7% increase from last year.

* There were 25,671 alcohol related crashes.

* One person is injured by a drunk every 90 seconds.

* There were 16,882 people injured in those crashes.

* This is almost the American Airlines Center in Dallas filled to capacity.

* 89,256 people were arrested for DWI.

This is almost the ATT Stadium in Arlington filled to capacity.

* Alcohol-related collisions cost us $132 BILLION dollars.

As readers of this blog know, I hate drunk drivers and there are more DWI- caused deaths in Texas than in any other state. And I hate that our role models often act so badly. Guess our heroes don’t always grow up to be Cowboys.

I am proud to be one of the only MADD recommended attorneys in Tarrant County. I have represented many injured victims of drunk drivers (or their families) over the last 33 years. I pursue these cases vigorously.

Drunk driving accidents have caused indescribable suffering and Texas law recognizes the unnecessary tragedy caused by drunk driving – and so do insurance companies. If you have been injured in a collision when another driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, please contact me. I will fight to get you the money you deserve.

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