DWIs in NFL Out Of Control

More on this appalling story: Josh Brent’s blood alcohol content was a staggering .18 — more than two times the legal limit of .08. He would have to have drunk 20 shots within four hours to reach that level.

And there were at least 12 Cowboys in the VIP lounge at that swanky private Dallas night club guzzling $1,000 bottles of champagne. All were presumably intoxicated as they drove home Friday night. So far this year, 16 NFL players have been arrested for DWIs – that’s almost an entire team. And the NFL has done virtually nothing to stop this epidemic.

It’s too late for poor Jerry Brown, but yesterday the National Transportation Safety Board announced that it wants engine kill switches on the cars of all people convicted of DWI (like Brent). The device only costs $200.00. Many states already require the device. Texas doesn’t.

I was just hired to represent a very nice woman who was seriously injured when a man — who was already drunk at 2:00 in the afternoon –crashed into her car, then fled the scene. This angers me and I will fight to make sure she gets a good settlement or jury verdict to compensate her for her injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Don’t think it could happen to you? More people are killed and injured in Texas in DWI crashes than in any other state. There were almost 5,000 collisions caused by drunk drivers last year –14 a day — just in the four counties that most of you probably live in (Tarrant, Dallas, Denton, and Collin). Clearly one is too many. Please contact me if you have been crashed into by a drunk or stoned driver.

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