Early Morning Accident Takes the Life of One in West Virginia

Earlier this week, an accident between a semi truck and a tractor trailer took the life of one Indiana man. According to a report by the West Virginia Gazette, the accident occurred in the early morning hours on Interstate 64, in West Virginia. The semi truck was merging onto the highway when it was struck in the rear by the tractor trailer.

The driver of the semi truck was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. However, the driver of the tractor trailer was pronounced dead on the scene. Police are still currently investigating the cause of the crash; however, they believe that the cold weather and slick roads played a part in the fatal accident.

Big Trucks and Slick Roads Make for a Dangerous Situation

As the above story shows, big trucks and winter conditions often don’t mix well. While semi trucks can’t just stop using the highways in the dead of winter, as we all need the services they provide, drivers of these large trucks need to take extra care this time of year. Between their heavy weight and the difficulty in controlling them, semi trucks are serious dangers to highway drivers in the winter.

Semi Truck Drivers Must Take Extra Care when Conditions Are Poor

Just like all drivers, semi truck drivers should take extra care when navigating snowy or icy roads. Also, like cars, semi trucks require extra maintenance when the weather gets bad in order to stay safe. However, due to the time pressures inherent in the job, truck drivers sometimes bend the rules and drive when they shouldn’t or fail to perform the necessary maintenance to safely operate their vehicle.

Semi Trucks Accidents in Texas

In Texas, we don’t often get too much snow of the road. However, just because we live in Texas doesn’t mean that the roads never get slippery. Keep in mind that, even if the roads are not frozen, they may still not provide you with the traction that you are used to. The same goes for truck drivers.

What To Do if You Have Been Involved in a Texas Semi Truck Accident

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