How To Get More Money After An Automobile Accident

Interstate Shut Down For Analysis

Police closed I-30 in Rowlett east of Dallas yesterday to reconstruct a fatal auto accident that happened early on New Year’s Day. Commuters were presumably cursing the delay as they drove into work. But it was necessary to determine who caused the crash. Attorneys and investigators were there.

The Importance of Evidence Preservation

The more time that goes by, the greater the chances that critical evidence will be destroyed or altered. Road crews clear the accident debris and rain washes away skid marks. Attorneys for large corporations are called by insurance companies to go to the scene after a crash if a commercial vehicle is involved. Video footage is permanently erased. And witnesses forget details — if they can later even be located. To preserve crucial evidence, a good injury attorney starts investigating the accident as soon as he is retained

What Does An Investigation Include?

  • Visiting the scene to collect evidence and familiarizing himself with the road conditions
  • Sending an investigator to the scene to photograph and measure debris, skid marks and other aspects of the crash
  • Interviewing witnesses while their recollection remains fresh
  • Subpoenaing phone records to determine whether the other driver was texting or talking on the phone when the accident occurred
  • Speaking with police officers, drivers, car occupants and other witnesses who have knowledge about the accident
  • Consulting with medical professionals, engineers and other experts 
  • Analyzing medical records, doctors’ testimony, lab results and other evidence as to the nature and extent of your injuries 
  • Reviewing police reports, breathalyzer results and other official documents

This investigation is designed to defeat the other driver’s arguments about how the crash happened and to increase the amount of his recovery. 

In addition, a thorough investigation of deadly accidents can lead to improved road conditions and higher standards of automobile safety for the driving public. Investigators might discover pavement or guardrail problems, inadequate barriers to crossing into oncoming traffic, malfunctioning traffic lights, or other problems that must be rectified to prevent future accidents.

During the 35 years I have dedicated my career to auto and truck accident recovery, I have taken similar steps to achieve justice for my clients.


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