Excellent Tractor Trailer Law Conference Attended

I spent several days in Nashville last week learning the latest laws and procedures regarding 18 wheel and other commercial truck crash cases.

The first annual symposium of the Academy of Truck Accident Attorney featured some of the top injury attorneys in the country. Some of the topics were

  • Accident investigation and reconstruction
  • Evidence
  • Insurance
  • Federal regulations
  • Specific types of crashes (rear enders, shifting loads, side swipes, backing up, night driving, etc.)
  • Load assignments
  • Role of shippers, brokers, carriers and receivers
  • Settlement techniques
  • Trial procedures

One of the highlights was a talk by Benjamin Morelli, who recently settled the horrific crash where the comedian Tracy Morgan and others were rear ended by a WalMart 18 wheel driver who had been driving for over 24 hours straight. Photographs of the catastrophic damage to the van Tracy and his friends were travelling in and the WalMart truck are shown. I  blogged about the collision here.

I was born and raised in Nashville so it’s always enjoyable going back to one of my favorite cities.


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