Extremely Drunk Driver Sued

Drinking and DrivingBerenson Injury Law has filed a lawsuit against a Fort Worth business executive who was driving while incredibly intoxicated. His blood alcohol content was apparently more than three times the legal limit – at only 7:15 p.m.

Our client will have to undergo surgery next week after suffering a great deal of pain for months. This collision also tragically took the life of another man.

Berenson Injury Law will fight to get our client just compensation. We also will seek punitive damages to deter the executive and others from driving while intoxicated in North Texas.

We must stop the driving while intoxicated epidemic

The previous attention to our DWI problem has been buried by the overwhelming number of deaths and injuries caused by COVID-19. However, according to statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 24,618 drunk driving crashes last year in our state. Just here in Tarrant and Dallas Counties, DWIs sadly took the lives of 114 residents and injured 2,729 people.

Action we need to take

Every driving collision is easily preventable. It cannot be dismissed as just a “car accident.” It is an intentional crime. It is assault or manslaughter caused by a deadly weapon.

While it is can be hard to avoid getting the virus if you are in a grocery store, it is easy to prevent a DWI: don’t drink and drive.

We strongly believe that intoxicated drivers must be held accountable and more strongly punished. The following actions could reduce the huge DWI problem we have. All drunk drivers need to

  • be prosecuted, jailed, and fined,
  • be sued in civil courts and forced to pay jury verdicts,
  • have ignition locks placed on their vehicles and pass sobriety tests before they are allowed to drive – if they can even drive at all or at least be prevented from driving at night,
  • have to undergo counseling,
  • pay higher insurance premiums,
  • meet the families of the victims and learn the pain and harm they have caused to the survivors,
  • be named on web sites so that they will appear in public searches and others will know the crime they committed, and
  • be required to perform public service, including cleaning up after car and truck wrecks.

We can help you

Bill Berenson has successfully received maximum amounts from drunk drivers over the past nearly 40 years from lawsuits and settlements.

He recently obtained all available insurance proceeds in this case, including the liability limit for the drunk driver who had been excluded from the vehicle owner’s substandard policy. His client received $88,000 from the total paid of $130,000. Our client was very happy with the results and kindly wrote this review on the AVVO legal website:

Wanted to share my journey with Bill Berenson and staff. My husband was killed by a drunk driver December 7, 2019. I was devastated and not knowing what steps I need to take a friend of mine reached out to informed me of the urgency to find a lawyer. He did the research and referred Bill Berenson attorney injury lawyer to me who had great reviews and 5 stars. After meeting with Mr. Berenson and Mr. Stan I was convinced I did not need to look any further for a lawyer. I felt confident that he and his staff would work hard for me even though nothing would be able to bring my husband back. Mr. Berenson asked me to Trust him to handle my case knowing that I had so much to deal with. Mr. Berenson, Ms. Shannon, Ms. Jessica and Ms. Stan kept me informed every step of the way by calling, emails and text messages. Mr. Berenson displayed so much compassion and work diligently throughout the entire process. He remembered me by sending a beautiful cake for Christmas. I’ve received many calls from Ms. Shannon asking if there’s anything she or the firm could do for me after the case was settled. Allow me to inject the drunk driver had no insurance but Mr. Berenson being the professional lawyer that he is work hard to get them to pay for damages. A special thank you to Mr. Berenson and staff for sticking by my side. If you need an Accident Injury Lawyer I highly recommend Bill Berenson of Fort Worth, TX

Mr. Berenson is also a proud supporter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and its worthy goal of “No More Victims.”

If you have been injured in a car, truck, 18-wheeler, motorcycle, or pedestrian crash caused by the carelessness or recklessness of another driver, contact Berenson Injury Law.

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