Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident Raises Issues of Highway Safety

Earlier this month in Zavala County a driver was killed when his SUV crashed head-on with a semi-truck while traveling on Highway 83. The driver of the truck was also injured and was treated at the hospital. According to a report by KENS5.com, the crash re-raises concerns over the safety of South Texas highways.

According to the article, the recent oil shale boom has resulted in a drastic increase in truck traffic acrossTexas. With more big trucks on what are often small roads, the potential for disaster increases dramatically. The Department of Public Safety notes that the Department does everything it can within the constraints they are operating within. For example, the DPS attempts to put up as many cable barriers as they can; however, installing these kinds of barriers on small two-lane roads is impossible.

That leaves motorists in a precarious position when it comes to driving on smaller Texas roads. They must navigate the roads carefully, being sure not to stray from their lane lest a semi-truck come careening around a nearby corner.

Not the First Fatal Crash in Zavala County

The most recent crash in Zavala County is just that, the most recent. Back in 2011, there was another fatal truck accident when a mother strayed outside her lane and collided head-on with a semi-truck. This particular accident occurred when the road was went; however, wet or dry the danger is still present.

Cable Barriers Help Prevent Accidents

Studies have shown that installing cable barriers is a cost-effective way to decrease the chance of fatal head on collisions. However, in order to install a cable barrier on a small two-lane road, the road would first have to be widened in order to create room for the barrier. Unfortunately, the State of Texas has no immediate plans to widen the narrow roads that could greatly benefit from these safety devices.

Truck Accidents Across the State of Texas

Truck accidents have been on the rise over the past few years across Texas. As more and more people move to the Lone Star State, and business picks up across the State, more cars and trucks will be placed on the road. It is critically important to everyone’s safety that all necessary precautions are taken by the State as well as by both car and truck drivers.

Have You Been Involved in a Texas Semi-Truck Accident?

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