Toyota Acceleration Nightmare to Lead to Change?

President Obama just announced this morning that he may require ALL vehicles to be sold iwith brake override systems that willl prevent these horrific sudden accelerations.

This safety feature — that is already sold in many other countries but not here for some reason — will prevent the throttle from sticking in an open position.

Yesterday, the U. S. government finally released records showing that 12,700 owners previously complained about defective Camrys that were built before the recalled 2007-2010 models but which were never recalled. The 2002 Camry, for example, had 175 speed-control defects which were never repaired, even though a shocking 50% of those resulted in collisions — double the number in 2007 Camrys, where 25% of the sudden accelerations caused crashes.

Don’t think this is a problem that affects us? Just this Sunday night in Southlake, a poor woman named Waynoka Ricord, age 77, who was driving home from her job at DFW Airport, died when her 2004 Corolla veered out of control and crashed into a tree.

And my previous blog entry reported that on December 26, 2009 four local DFW residents also died in Southlake when their Toyota Avalon suddenly sped up, crashed through a fence, and flipped upside down in a lake where they tragically drowned. The driver’s wife told police that the car had previous problems with its gas pedal, which they had reported to the dealer. A passenger has already filed suit against Toyota. See Toyota accelerator may have killed 4 in Southlake wreck

What’s even scarier, thousands of other people have complained that their GMs, Hondas, and other vehicles suddenly sped up and crashed, including 3,500 Fords alone. None of these vehicles have been recalled.

Who knows when his or her car will suddenly accelerate to 60 mph or faster — or when one of those cars will crash into you as you drivie down Hulen or Lancaster? It’s frightening. Talking about an accident just waiting to happen!

Please contact this office if you have any questions about a crash caused by any car, truck of SUV that suddenly accelerated beyond control.

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