Motorcycle Riders Must Wear Helmets, Feds Say

Federal safety officials want states to require all motorcycle riders to wear helmets due to a surge in deaths since the late 1990s.

Motorcycle deaths have increased over the last decade, even as other traffic fatalities have declined. There were 4,400 motorcycle deaths in the U.S. just last year — more than in all aviation, rail, marine, and pipeline accidents combined!

Twenty states already require all motorcycle riders to wear helmets. The the rest have limited helmet requirements, except Iowa, Illinois and New Hampshire, which have no requirements.

Texas state law requires a helmet to be worn if the rider is under 21. Those over 21 are exempt if they complete training or $10,000 of medical insurance. That figure is too low, considering how high medical bills from a crash can be, and why riders would not want to protect their heads from injury is beyond me.

I have unfortunately represented my share of riders, often severely injured. I am working on a lawsuit now where a very nice man in his 50s was killed.

If you or a loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident, please contact my office.

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