Five Most Dangerous Intersections in Fort Worth

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is growing furiously with over 100,000 people moving here each year. This has naturally increased the amount of people driving and the number of car accidents — especially at intersections. Almost half of wrecks happen there. Which ones in Fort Worth where are primary office is are the most likely to be the site of car and truck wrecks?

No, the answer is not all of them! But we already have 80,000 of them each year year in Tarrant and Dallas Counties. They were all preventable. Here is a photo from one of many crash cases we are currently handling where our client was rear ended by a man in the pickup truck running a light at an intersection and hitting other cars.

But first, people will have to stop texting or surfingthe net while driving, slow down, not drive while intoxicated, and obey traffic laws.

Until those things happen, you can be safer if you know where the most dangerous intersections are so you can hopefully avoid them. While collisions are reported on the news constantly, you never think that you will be in one — until it happens.

The Safe Communities Coalition that I am a member of researched crash data and reported that these were the top five intersections last year:

  1. East Lancaster at Riverside
  2. 183 at 360
  3. I-20 at McCart
  4. East Lancaster at Sargent
  5. I-35 at Meacham

Several months after the release of those results, one local station followed up to see if things had improved. No they’ve gotten worse.

What you should do if you are in an intersection crash

So if you are injured in an intersection accident, you probably are wondering (1) What should I do? and (2) Who is going to pay me back for my damages?

These are important questions and it is essential to make sure you are getting knowledgeable answers from an experienced Fort Worth injury attorney.

There are certain things you will need including photographs, police report, eyewitness statements, and other evidence related to the crash scene.  If you are in any crash, always call the police and wait for them to investigate and write a police report. This will become extremely important whether you are negotiating with the other driver’s insurance company or taking your case to a jury. A good personal injury lawyer will obtain these items for you.

Here are some useful tips to help you avoid a collision at an intersection

1. Wait at least three seconds after your light turns to green before entering the intersection. More and more people, especially those driving trucks, speed through red lights, especially now that red light cameras have been removed and there is no fear of getting a ticket.

2. If you are turning left, don’t assume the oncoming vehicle is not going through the intersection or turning left just based on whether he or she has used his turn signal.

3. If you are turning right on red, be extra cautious about oncoming vehicles from your left that you may not be able to see and even cars behind you as rear end crashes happen when the behind driver is in a hurry to turn right.

4. That blinking yellow light does NOT mean it’s a solid green. We see many people confused by them.

5. Look carefully for pedestrians and people riding bicycles that will not be as visible.

We can help you

Berenson Injury Law has represented thousands of injured victims of car and truck crashes for the past almost 40 years. Please contact us at 1-888-801-8585 or email us online.


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