Former Dallas Assistant Police Chief Killed in Motorcycle Wreck

Widely Loved Officer Became Chief in Corpus Christi 

Floyd Simpson died in a motorcycle crash on early Sunday evening in Port Aransas. The popular officer died swerving to avoid an oncoming truck. The 16-year-old truck driver’s fatigue has been cited as the cause of the collision. Especially given our country’s recent law enforcement conflicts, this careless wreck seems all the more tragic. Why was the 16-year-old driving by himself in violation of state law, and how could he have been fatigued at only 7:00 in the evening? Our hearts go out to the officer’s wife of 27 years and his four children.

Dallas Mourns Loss of Respected Police Officer

Floyd Simpson made history as the first African American Chief of Police in Corpus Christi, a majority Mexican American city. Before then, he had been a 25-year veteran of the Dallas Police

Department and served as assistant police chief before accepting the top position at the Corpus Christi department. While in Dallas, Chief Simpson made major changes in the department’s hiring practices and revamped police academies in the Dallas district. After moving away, he often returned to the Dallas-Fort Worth area to visit his family members who reside here. He also belonged to The Iron Knights motorcycle club in Dallas.

He was known for his commitment to the community. In 2007, the avid motorcyclist organized a fundraiser with fellow riders at The Iron Knights. The group raised $10,000 to send kids with sickle cell anemia to a special summer camp where the young people learned to manage the symptoms of their blood disorder.

Officer Simpson ran with Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings at least four times each week. After hearing of Simpson’s death, the mayor told the Dallas Morning News, “You never saw Floyd when he didn’t have a smile on his face. He was an extraordinarily decent human being, husband, father. I don’t know that you can find anyone who didn’t love Floyd and respect him and hold him in the highest regard.”

Why Are There So Many Injuries And Deaths In Motorcycle Crashes?

Along with pedestrians and bicycle collisions, the most dangerous accidents happen to motorcycle riders. Clearly exposed, riders are 35 times as likely to be in a fatal wreck than drivers of autos and trucks. Here in Texas, there are almost 500 people who lose their lives each year in motorcycle and scooter deaths each year.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle collision, please contact this office. We have been representing injured riders and passengers for 35 years.

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