Fort Worth Accident Between Three Trucks and Car Hurts Three

Several people were hospitalized after a chain reaction accident involving three 18 wheelers and an automobile earlier this week. According to a
report by the local ABC affiliate, the accident occurred on I-35W near the Rosedale exit shortly after 10 in the morning.The three semi trucks and the car collided in the northbound lane. After the collision, two of the tractor-trailers tipped over. One spilled sand all over the highway and the other leaked radiator fluid and diesel fuel. It took emergency crews several hours to clean up the accident scene. Traffic was at a stand still for hours while crews cleared the scene and many drivers turned around to get off the highway. It is unclear exactly what caused the accident. Police believe that excessive speed and following too closely were responsible for the collision.Six people were involved in the accident. The three occupants in the car–a 20-year old mother and her two young children–were rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, their injuries were not serious.

Chain Reaction Semi Truck Accidents

A chain reaction accident is a type of accident where a collision between two or more vehicles in the middle of a road ends up causing several other collisions as a result. We see these cases all the time.

Chain reaction accidents are caused when drivers are traveling in excess of the posted speed limit, are following too closely, are distracted, or all of the above. As a general rule, vehicles should leave at least a three second distance between themselves and the truck or car in front of them. In the case of an emergency, this leaves the driver enough time to see what is happening and avoid a collision.

However semi truck drivers operate vehicles that are several times the size and weight of normal cars and require much more room to stop than smaller vehicles. Therefore tractor-trailer drivers should be leaving much more distance between themselves and the car in front of them. Failure to leave an adequate amount of room will result in the semi truck driver being at fault for an avoidable accident.

Have You Been Injured in a Fort Worth 18 Wheeler Accident?

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