Fort Worth Accident Injures Two People In Yet Another DWI

Around 2:00 this morning, a pick-up was going the wrong way on Highway 121, forcing drivers to swerve to avoid the Fort Worth automobile collision. Unfortunately, a Cadillac was unable to turn in time and was struck head-on by the truck.

Two people were taken to Harris Hospital but the extent of their personal injuries has not been released. Police say they plan to charge the pick-up driver with intoxicated assault.

Wrong way crashes almost always result in very serious injuries or fatalities because of the impact velocity which can easily exceed 70 mph. As a Fort Worth injury lawyer, I have represented several clients hurt


because a drunk driver got on the highway in the wrong direction and crashed into them.

In one, a young woman and her passenger were nearly killed on Interstate 35 in a 3am crash. The girl underwent four separate surgeries to rebuild her wrist, ankle, and leg. Spent over a month in the hospital recovering. I was able to get a huge settlement for both clients.

In another, less than a month later, a man was driving to work early in the morning on Highway 121 and was nearly killed when his small car crashed head-on into a drunk driver. The doctors at the Parkland Hospital initially said he only had a 25% chance of survival. Fortunately, doctors were able to save his life and after more than a month in the hospital, and six surgeries, he was released. I was able to get him a large amount of money quickly to help his family cover their living expenses while he was in the hospital and not earning a living, and am still fighting to get him more.

If you’ve been injured because of a crash involving a drunk driver, you need an experienced, board certified, personal injury attorney fighting to make you money. Call my office today for a free consultation.

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