Fort Worth Cab Crashes Into Parked Semi, Killing Passenger

A collision tragically resulted in the death of Richard Chu, a 60-year-old New Jersey man here on business, when the cab he was riding in slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler parked on a service road shoulder along Interstate 35W south of Meacham Boulevard.

The cab driver was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital with injuries. The driver of the 18-wheeler was asleep when the wreck occurred and was not injured.

A Fort Worth ordinance prohibits parking oversized commercial vehicles for more than two hours on public streets. An investigation is still ongoing and if the evidence shows that the trucker had been parked for more than two hours, he could be cited under the ordinance. Of course that won’t do much good for Mr. Chu.

This type of negligence infuriates me! Not only the inattention of the cab driver but also the disregard of city ordinances by the 18-wheeler. This ordinance was passed to avoid this exact issue and I hope this violation will not go unnoticed by the FWPD. .

If I were retained by the family of this man, I would not only sue the negligent cab driver but also the 18-wheeler company and its driver for negligently remaining on the road and creating an unsafe hazard.

And on a personal note, my poor mother was injured when she was riding in a cab in Los Angeles back in 1988 and died six weeks later, I believe due to the injuries she sustained in that wreck.


If you have been hurt by a negligent driver, please call me. I will fight hard to recover your damages and punish the offending driver.

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