Fort Worth Collision Case Successfully Concluded

I am pleased to announce that I settled a Fort Worth accident case today for $200,000.00.

Mr. D___’s car was hit last year when a tractor-trailer changed lanes on Interstate 30 at Hulen. My client was taken to the emergency room. Tests later revealed that he had several small protruding cervical discs.

The truck driver’s insurance company argued that my client was liable for turning into its driver or by not being attentive, that the 18 wheeler’s turn signal was on, and that the property damage to both vehicles was too small to have hurt Mr. D..

When the insurance company made an inadequate settlement offer, I filed suit. The insurance company’s lawyers argued that my client had been in another crash two years ago (I was his attorney), that he was an older gentleman, that he held a manual labor job, and that he was not injured from this collision. The case was set for trial next week.

The best part was seeing how thrilled my client was. He called the settlement “amazing” and “life changing” and yelled so loudly with delight today that the building manager came by to see if everything was okay.

And today I received this email from another injured client: “Thanks BilI! I appreciate everything you have done to try and help us get past this. I am just ready to have both legs working. I’m tired of crutches and canes.”

I hate that my clients have been so injured. Our Dallas Fort Worth highways are dangerous. They are filled with far too many careless drivers and commercial trucks.

It is important to remember these safety tips when near commercial trucks. They are much heavier than passenger vehicles and take much longer to come to a stop. Tractor-trailers have multiple blind spots. If you are driving near an 18 wheeler that is making a turn, slow down and allow it to turn or better yet, get out of its way.

I have been representing successfully representing the victims of collisions in Texas and across the United States for over 33 years.

Please give my office a call at 817-885-8000 or toll-free at 1-800-801-8585 or email us at if you have suffered an injury in an accident here in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We are happy to answer your questions and get you the compensation that you deserve.

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