Fort Worth Driver Killed in Horrific Tractor-Trailer Crash on I-35W

Big-Rig Crushed Victim’s Sports Car 

Early Monday morning, a man in his late 20s was killed when his sports car became wedged beneath a tractor-trailer. Two other people suffered minor injuries that were treated at the scene. The horrific 18-wheeler accident unfolded just after 5 a.m. near the eastbound Loop 820 on southbound Interstate 35W in Fort Worth. The road remained closed this morning during rush hour traffic as fire rescue tried to reach the man who was later announced dead. Police are still investigating the cause of the 18-wheeler crash.

Small Cars No Competition for Heavy Trucks

Tractor-trailers are a necessary part of commerce, but
nonetheless, if truck drivers and motorists are not careful,
tractor-trailers create frighteningly dangerous roadway conditions, in
large part because of the trucks’ massive size and heavy weight.

The average U.S. car weighs
approximately 3,000 to 4,000 pounds, with sports car models on the
lowest end of this spectrum. Compare this weight to the low end of a
commercial vehicle at 10,001 pounds, as defined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
(FMCSA). However, many tractor-trailers actually weigh much more,
especially when loaded with goods or liquids. In fact, the State Farm
Insurance site estimates that most tractor-trailers
range between 12,100 and 80,000 pounds. The truck’s extra weight means
slower brake time, more difficult maneuvering and typically more
catastrophic consequences during a traffic accident.

In addition, the height and size of an 18-wheeler create huge blind
spots for commercial vehicle drivers. Small cars run the risk of being
literally run over by these massive-big rigs.

Driving Near a Tractor-Trailer

Police are still investigating the accident that occurred on
I-35W that killed a young Fort Worth man this morning. Likely, the size
and weight differences between the truck and sports car played a role in the severity of the crash.

You can minimize risks of a truck wreck by:

  • Remaining mindful of the truck driver’s blind spots
  • Keeping a safe distance
  • Providing greater distance if travelling uphill or in inclement weather
  • Using turn signals whenever you switch lanes, turn or pass
  • Avoiding sudden lane changes or other unpredictable moves
  • Pulling off of road completely in an emergency

Get the Help You Need After a Dallas-Fort Worth 18-Wheeler Crash

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