Fort Worth DWI Fatality Leads To 20 Year Sentence for Ex-Cop

Ex-FW Police Officer Jesus Cisneros suddenly plead guilty yesterday during his DWI trial and received the maximum 20 year sentence. Tragically, Sonja Baker, wife and mother of two, was killed in December of last year just before Christmas.

Shocking new details have emerged in this tragic story. Mr. Cisneros traveled from bar to bar with a partner while they were undercover, posing as drug and gun dealers. After leaving the final bar, Mr. Cisneros’ blood-alcohol level was 0.17 — more than twice the legal limit . He was driving 76 mph westbound on Columbus Trail when he hit Ms. Baker’s car as she turned onto Columbus, just blocks from Mrs. Bakers’ home.

Another motorist testified that Cisneros nearly crashed into him and that he had run two red lights and was weaving across lanes as Patino called 911.

And worse, the FWPD knew that Cisneros was an habitual drunk and possibly narcotics user, but allowed him to stay on the force. One night he even shot holes in his squad car with his rifle.

This is OUTRAGEOUS! As I often have to ask, what is going on out there? You would think that of all people, a police officer wouldn’t drink and drive, disobey our traffic laws that he is paid to enforce, and act like a lunatic.

This has got to stop! Driving drunk is an inexcusable offense. More than 1,400 people die in Texas each year due to DWIs and I call on our police — who are hopefully not drunk — to crack down on drunk drivers before they crash into you and me. Many of my clients have been hurt by drunk drivers and it infuriates me.

If you have been hurt by a drunk driver, please call me. I will fight hard to recover your damages and punish the offending driver.

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