New Fort Worth JFK Memorial

On November 22, 1963, those of us old enough to remember can tell you exactly where we were when we heard that President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated in Dallas. I was in Ms. Teeter’s class in the fourth grade in Parmer School in Nashville. Seeing the president speak in the Vanderbilt football stadium the year before that had been unforgettable.

But most people don’t know that the president had spent the night before at the Hotel Texas (now the Hilton) downtown.

And that he made a speech here the next morning in the rain on Main Street — against the advice of the Secret Service who feared for his safety– before addressing the Chamber of Commerce, then going to Dallas.

So a memorial to JFK at that spot is long overdue.

Yesterday an eight foot bronze statue with photographs and quotations from the president was unveiled across from the Hilton.

Spearheading the $2 million fundraising effort was Taylor Gandy, an attorney and managing partner of the building where I’ve officed for the past 30 years.

I’m on my way now to run and walk with the Rufino Mendoza Elementary School after school fitness club, then to stop by the new memorial on the way back or this weekend.

I hope you get the chance to see it soon.

Enjoy your weekend.

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