Fort Worth Motorcycle and Bicycle Injuries

Yesterday was an unusually active day here for these cases, starting with us agreeing to represent a very nice 48 year old man who broke his arm, wrist, and badly injured his head, neck and back. John was stopped in traffic on I-35 when a truck crashed into the car behind him,which hit his Honda Gold Wing 1800, and caused him to fly into the truck in front of him. I will be filing suit in the near future against the negligent driver who caused this stupid collision.

I also worked on a lawsuit for a top female masters runner who was knocked off of her road bicycle by two separate vehicles driven by Boswell High School students, requiring her to have hip surgery.

And I disbursed the substantial settlement to one of my favorite clients, Billy (see photo), who was hit by a woman downtown who swerved into his Harley. He had to have a defibrillator implanted into his chest and suffered from other serious injuries.

I have represented various motorcycle and bicycle riders over the last 31 years. Since I sometimes ride a racing bicycle to help train for my marathons and have competed in triathlons, I am especially conscious of how vulnerable two wheeled riders are and do everything I can to see that they are fully compensated for their injuries.

If you have been injured while riding a motorcycle or bicycle, please give me a call.

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