Fort Worth Truck Wreck Settled Successfully

I was pleased to settle a very nice woman’s case just before trial was set to begin. Here’s a picture of the damage to her truck.The other driver’s insurance company denied that its driver was at fault and blamed a third vehicle.

Unfortunately, my client’s knee had to be operated on, she hurt other parts of her body, her medical bills were large and she incurred lost wages. The exact settlement amount is confidential but is large.

My client was happy with the results, judging by this review that she very nicely posted online:

I was very pleased with Attorney William Berenson and his wonderful staff. From the beginning Mr. Berenson made me feel like I could trust him My Auto Accident was an awful experience but Bill made it a smooth process his staff handled all the paperwork and kept in contact with me to update me on everything that was happening with my case. I appreciate all his hard work when working with the insurance And at the end of it all I was very pleased with my settlement. Thank You For everything.

Thank you, K___, for allowing me to represent you. I’m sorry that this wreck happened but am delighted that your case worked out so well. I wish you the best.

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