Fort Worth accident injures two children

A serious crash on U.S. 287 near the intersection of Blue Mound Road near Alliance Airport this morning seriously injured the occupants of the two vehicles involved, including two children who were ejected. They were rushed to Cook Children’s Medical Center.

Two adults were rushed to Harris Hospital for treatment.

It is not clear at this point how the wreck happened, but it is possible that the children were not seat belted or restrained by a booster seat. I previously wrote about the new law that became effective on September 1, 2009 that requires drivers with children younger than 8 and shorter than four feet nine inches to secure them in booster seats.

Drivers with children: Obey this law. It will protect your kids — and save you a lot of money. The second ticket will cost you $250.00.

I’m currently representing a charming mother and her five children who were seriously injured by a careless teenage driver. The teenager drove across the highway median into oncoming traffic and hit my clients head on! The mother and all of her children were rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. thankfully, all of the family survived after several traumatic days at the hospital. One of the daughters was in a booster seat when the wreck occurred. The impact of the wreck was so violent that the seat actually cracked! The booster seat saved the little girls life and allowed her to come away from the accident without any permanent physical injuries. the authorities stated that if she hadn’t been in the seat the little girl would have likely died. The guilty drivers insurance company didn’t want to pay for all of my clients injuries, so I’ve recently filed a lawsuit against them. I plan on making the insurance company pay for not cooperating with my clients. I’ve been able to obtain large verdicts for my clients in the past and I’m confident that I will be able recover the maximum amount for the mother and her five children.

If you or a family member has been the victim of a car accident, call me at (817)885-8000 and I will help you recover the maximum amount for your injuries.

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