Fort Worth Death Caused By Improperly Maintained Truck

A young girl, 3 year old, Zinia Guy, of Fort Worth, was tragically killed in a Monday morning crash on Interstate 20 near the Hemphill exit. An oil truck had lost its drive shaft (how does this happen?) and it was stopped in the road. The girl’s mother crashed into the back of the truck and is hospitalized in critical condition. My prayers go out to her and the family.

Last year I represented a woman who was hurt in a crash nearby on I-35 at Seminary when a garbage truck also lost its drive shaft (see photo).

I sued the company, subpoened the vehicle’s maintenance records, and proved that the company was not only negligent for its poor maintenance of the truck but for its hiring and supervision of the driver. I forced the company to pay a huge settlement.
Then I substantially reduced the amount of money my had to repay to her health insurance company.

I have handled other similar cases, including a wrongful death lawsuit arising out of a truck colliding with a stopped garbage truck on Interstate 30 which led to a multi-million dollar recovery of money.

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