Friday the 13th Is Today – Are You Nervous?

Why are so many people afraid that bad things will happen to them on Friday the 13th? Up to 21 million Americans have such a fear of this day that some won’t even go to work, eat out, marry, take plane trips, or even get out of bed! As I often say here, WTH?

I wondered how long this had been going on — and why – so I consulted Wiki. Apparently over 1,000 years ago Norway’s tribes converted to Christianity and Frigga (“Friday”), their goddess of love, was banished to a mountaintop where every Friday she and 11 witches and the devil (13) were believed to plan evil events. Really? The day of Friday had been considered perilous since it was the day of the Crucifixion, Garden of Eden offering, and the Great Flood.

The number 13 had been demonized, if you will, since ancient times. In numerology, 12 was considered complete since there are 12 months, 12 hours, 12 tribes, and 12 Apostles; the next number was considered bad. Some people believe that if 13 people sit down to dinner, one will die within the year, as in the Last Supper. Many cities don’t even have a 13th Street or Avenue and buildings often skip the 13th floor. Now that’s scary.

What do we have to be worried about today? The massive solar storm about to hit the earth? I’m more nervous about the latest decision from the Texas Supreme Court restricting the rights of individuals.

I hope your day’s not cursed, a ladder doesn’t fall on you, and you are not in a wreck.

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