I wanted to wish TCU good luck as it finally gets to play in the Big 12 starting tomorrow. And it will be exciting to see the Frogs take on better teams like Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and West Virginia. And my Horns in a nationally televised game on Thanksgiving Day in Austin.

I still remember going to see them play back in 1988 when Kenneth Davis was TCU’s star running back and Amon Carter Stadium was sold out, a rarity back then, and we all know what happened after that (the same thing that happened to my SMU team after it was #2 in the country with Eric Dickerson and Craig James, “the Pony Express”).

Gary Patterson will become TCU’s most winningist coach after TCU demolishes Grambling.

It will also be exciting to see the new $165 million stadium, which I’ve watched come up over the last two years, passing it after I leave the TCU Rec Center.

This is a big story for TCU and Fort Worth as well.

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