Good 18 Wheeler Accident Recovery Announced

I am happy to report that I just met with a client to hand him a large check.

Last year an tractor trailer had passed this gentleman on I30, changed lanes, and caused him to run into a wall. Then the trucker claimed that my client had changed lanes into his 18 wheeler. I sued and made the trucking company pay my client a large amount of money. And I got him even more money when I was able to make medical providers greatly reduce their outstanding medical bills. My client said that he was “extremely happy.”

Here are some similar results.

When my law firm was hired by this gentleman, we immediately conducted a full scale investigation. Our team inspected the vehicles involved, photographed them and the scene, took witness statements, interviewed investigating police officers and everyone who was at the scene, analyzed trucking company documents, including the truck driver’s daily log, and diligently searched for evidence of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulation violations.

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William K. Berenson is a top rated personal injury attorney who only handles collision cases. He is involved in many legal organizations, including the American Association for Justice in Washington, D.C. and its Interstate Trucking Litigation Group. He has lectured to attorneys in Texas and in other states over the past 32 years.

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