More Great Reviews For Fort Worth Car Wreck Lawyer

   “What can I say, Bill Berenson is the man! If I ever have to deal with anything along the lines of what I have been through previously, I would love to have him and his team along for the ride. Bill, Jessica, Andrew, and Mindy have been more than a rock for me and my family … and when it came down do it they got the job done! It was amazing watching Bill Berenson work …. such a ball of fire! From what I was able to gather a case like mine was impossible to achieve the settlement amount that awarded! My life will never be the same! 
Thank you Bill Berenson and the Berenson Law Firm!”
Michael, Fort Worth – on Google

★ “I contacted Mr. Berenson about a week after my car was totaled by a truck that hit me from behind based on reviews. The people at his office (esp Mindy) were always kind and prompt in keeping me informed. Mr. Berenson also personally kept me informed as to my options  & his progress on the case. He won a fair settlement & all my medical bills were paid. He had to deal with 2 insurance companies to get results. They are great people to deal with & professional to boot.”

 Jim, Fort Worth – on Yelp

Thank you to these wonderful clients for taking the time to write these reviews. We work hard to give the best service and get our clients the compensation they deserve. 

To any one who has unfortunately been injured in a car accident in Fort Worth or in the North Texas area and are researching who to hire, there are many more reviews online including here.

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