How To Choose Best Fort Worth Injury Lawyer – Client Reviews

I am a big believer in going online and doing some research when I need to make a purchase. Finding out how other consumers have liked a service or product is far more informative than reading slick promotional material, tv ads, or pay per clicks at the top of a search page.

Thank you to my wonderful clients for voluntarily writing gracious online reviews, the ones below in the last week.”I must say I couldn’t be more impressed by Bill Berenson and his team. Very thankful that a friend referred me to him during this extremely stressful chaotic time in my life, I honestly was at my wit’s end with everything happening at once. They handled everything smoothly, very friendly, professionally, and you can definitely feel they care and have your best intrest at heart. I would gladly refer this law firm to anyone going through the crazyness that needs guidance in that right direction and that will fight for you and everything you deserve in this difficult time. I promise you will absolutely NOT be disappointed!!” – Lindsey Peters”I hired Mr. Berenson after I was rear ended. My car was a complete total loss. I went into meet with Mr. Berenson after reading so many great reviews from here. I am very thankful I did so. From day one I was taken care of. The team he has did everything from getting me doctors appointments to giving me weekly calls to make sure everything was okay. I always felt comfortable to call his office. He worked hard and got me a great settlement. If you have been in a car accident, I would defiantly give him a call first, you wont regret it.” – Daniel Cejas”I was in a car accident in Nov. 2013. It was the other person’s fault. So I was dealing with their insurance company. I have never dealt with anything like this before, seeing that this was my first car accident. I didn’t think that I would need to get an attorney, thinking that the insurance company would be fair. NOT!!!! So, about 11 months have passed and I was getting nowhere. At this point , I knew that I needed help. So, I googled” The Top Car Accident Attorneys In Fort Worth” I was researching several attorneys and came across Mr. Berenson and decided to give him a call. His sense of humor was great. I decided to make an appointment with him and after that, they got to work. Mr. Berenson and his team are gladiators and will fight to the death for their clients. They went far and beyond my expectations. I am very grateful and would highly recommend this team for your battle. They are Superior!!!!!!!!!” – Tammy Lindsey”I was hit from behind by a semi truck back in January. Mr. Berenson and his team were prompt and on point the whole way. He always returned my phone calls and emails with in about a day and went out of his way to make sure the process was as easy as it could be for my wife and I.” – Phillip Kara”I had a motorist pull out in front of me while driving which resulted in my motorcycle accident in November. I ended up with broken several bones in one leg and totaling my bike. The team from William K. Berenson Law Firm were absolutely fantastic! As I was now without any mode of transportation and unable to walk, a representative was sent out to meet with me so we could go over what had happened. Any time after the initial consultation, if I needed to contact the firm I was met by a wonderful staff that was always willing to help. They were very expedient with handling any paperwork or contacting me with any new information. I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of great representation” – Joshua Martinez

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