Happy Client Receives $100K Maximum After Disputed Collision

We have just recovered another maximum recovery for a wonderful client who was injured in late 2017 in Arlington. She was at a stop at a light when another driver was confused by construction barriers in the road (pictured in the rear right) and hit the vehicle next to her, which collided with her SUV.

However, the police officers blamed both drivers, causing a liability problem. Our investigation proved which driver was at fault and we proceeded against his liability carrier, an aggressive giant known for aggressively fighting claims like this one.

She had already selected her own chiropractor (who wrongfully said she had preexisting problems, which the adverse driver’s company used to argue for a lower verdict in court). We arranged for our client to get medical care.

Mr. Berenson called and met with the woman often. Based on her symptoms, he suspected that she had injured her intervertebral spinal discs and he arranged for magnetic resonance imaging. The test revealed she had herniated a disc in her neck. After epidural steroid injections were performed, she improved and is back at work full time.

We were able to accomplish our customary slashing of medical bills which saved her a small fortune. As a result, she netted $56,500 after payment of her medical bills and legal bills and expenses, which Mr. Berenson also reduced — more than half of the amount.

She was delighted and kindly left us this review:

“From the beginning the staff has been awesome, caring and attentive. Having an accident isn’t something we prepare for but the Law office of William Berenson has done an unbelievable job with not only my injuries but with my settlement as well. There’s nothing like having some money to fall back on and he’s done just that! Thanks so much to you all, you’ve got an amazing team and I am so glad I chose this firm! I received WAY more than I had ever expected, we received the max!”   

This is an example of what we do here at Berenson Injury Law, day in and day out. Please contact us here if you have unfortunately been in a car or truck wreck. We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.


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