Helmet laws decrease crash costs

A new study in Michigan suggests that motorcycle helmet laws substantially reduce the average cost of injury cliams for people injured in motorcycle crashes.

Michigan recently changed the 40-plus year running law requiring all riders to wear helmets and now only requires those drivers under 21 to do so. The year after the law was changed, the average injury claim payment was $7,257, a 34% increase compared to the two years prior to the law change when claims averaged $5,410.

Several related studies have shown that the rate of severe injury caused by crashes, especially to the head, is significantly lower among helmet wearers and those who choose not to wear helmets. The new findings are consistent with these other findings.

I encourage all motorcycle drivers to wear helmets and applaud those states that have mandatory helmet laws. I have represented far too many motorcycle drivers whose injuries were significantly more severe because they were not wearing helmets.

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